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NES Lagooner

Sludge Lagoons - Settlement Ponds -Intake Channels - A.P.I. Separators

Fully Submersible
Suitable for operation in Zone 1 areas
Ground Pressure <0.5 psi
Standard Tracks (NES370A) for concrete or steel bottoms
Double Tracks for Flat Clay or Soft linings

For fast, safe and evironmentally friendly de-sludging of lagoons and settlement ponds the NES Lagooner is the answer. With its on board screener and pumping system it works tirelessly removing the heaviest sludge and slurries.

The system comprises of a hydraulically powered vehicle, umbilical, control station and hydraulic power pack in a 20ft ISO container with control station at one end. During transportation the Lagooner vehicle is stored alongside the umbilical inside the container for added protection. The system can be fitted with a variety of attachments to suit different materiels including Inline mascerators or cutter pumps.

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